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Satisfying customers
with the best products, to build
a rewarding workplace and a better society
which will be contributed.

Since its establishment in 1968, our company has been continuously producing steel mill-related products and is currently supplying products to over 80 major steel mills around the world.

Our management philosophy is diligence

Managment and empolyee trust each other through informal conversations with the management and employees, because all the employees have a strong owner's spirit and unparalleled loyalty. We have been builiding up a better company through satisfying our customers as well asour company produces the world's best products in terms of quality, environment, and price competitiveness.

CEO at Seoul Engineering Co., Ltd.  Haeyang Lee, Gwangsu Song

Management Philosophy

Produce the world's best products
Produce the world's
best products
Creating a rewarding workplace
Creating a rewarding workplace
Social contribution
Social contribution

Management policy

  • No family management and no inheritance.
  • Conduct transparent management.
  • All personnel and management performance benefits, such as promotions, go to the employee.
  • To have the world's best technology and productivity in the same industry.
  • Try to increase the overseas market ratio as much as possible.
  • Always have the best financial structure constantly.
  • Developing new technologies.
  • Establish a stable labor-management relationship through informal dialogue between labor and management.
  • We exclude blood, regionalism, and academic ties, and conduct personnel based on ability.
  • Achieve an accident-free(disaster) workplace.