ESGFair Trade Compliance(CP)

Fair Trade Compliance(CP)

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Pledge to practice fair trade compliance(CP)

Seoul Engineering Co., Ltd. is striving to fulfill its social responsibilities as a company based on transparent management by more actively practicing ethical management, establishing a fair trade culture, and complying with laws in order to pursue continuous growth.

Accordingly, we have introduced the “Fair Trade Compliance Program (CP),” which is the standard for correct behavior and value judgment that all executives and employees of Seoul Engineering must follow, and are committed to its implementation as follows.

we comply with relevant laws and internal guidelines to create a fair competition order.
we take the lead in creating a fair competitive environment and do not engage in any unfair practices.
  • Avoid contact with related industry executives and employees, such as meetings, contacts, and information exchanges that are in conflict with the law, and clearly express your objection to collusion if unavoidable connections are made.
  • We shall not engage in unfair trading practices such as verbal orders, unfair price reductions, or disadvantages to suppliers using their trading status.
  • We do not instruct our employees to violate fair trade, or approve or aid in violations of fair trade by employees.
we strive to prevent violations related to fair trade in advance, and if there is a violation, we sanctions and take measures to prevent recurrence.
we build mutual trust and cooperation through fair trade, and add mutual benefit and development.

Fair Trade Compliance (CP) Declaration & Question

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