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Industrial Machinery Division

Main Products

World Best Quality, Best Price, The Professioanl Reel Company With The Largest Manufacturing Capacity
Reel & Mandrel (Coiler or Winder)
  • Down Coiler Assembly (HSM)
  • SPM Reel Assembly (HSM)
  • CRM,TM Reel Assembly (CRM,SSM)
  • ZRM Reel Assembly (STS-MILL)
  • Process Line Reel Assembly (All Line)
  • Mandrel Assembly
  • Gearbox Assembly
  • Pinion Stand Assembly
  • Rotary Cylinder & Joint
  • One Touch Attachment
  • Individual Accessory (Segment, Wedge, Gripper, Etc)
Precision Machinery (Terminal Equipment)
  • Side Trimmer & Scrap Chopper
  • Belt Wrapper
  • Cut shear , Drum Shear
  • Pinch Roll & Leveller,Etc
Mill Stand Precision Machinery (HSM.P-MILL)
  • Shifting Block & Bending Block Assembly
  • AWC, AGC Cylinder Assembly
  • Roll Chock & Simple Parts (Liner)
Power Transmit Parts SPINDLE (HSM, P-M)
  • Geared Spindle Coupling
  • UniversalSpindle With Roll End Coupling
  • Pinion Stand , Etc
Coil Strip Line Equipment
  • CCL, RCL, SL/SHL, CTL, Full Equipment
  • Entry & Delivery Equipment for CGL, CRM, ZRM
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