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World Best Quality, Best Price, The Professioanl Reel Company With The Largest Manufacturing Capacity
The industrial Machinery Business part at Seoul Engineering has been achieved as top leader of world specialist at this field for precision machinery of steel mill plant based on principle & strict rule, and qualitypolicy on priority.Furthermore, Seoul Engineering has strong passion & good will to work which have built up for good reputation such as the best quality, the lowest price, the shortest delivery toward clients closely through constant technical development, cost reduction activities, efforts for improvement system.

Seoul Engineering has been already equipped with the best quality in the world as well as manufacturing capacity for Reel & Mandrel, and Seoul Engineering has good reputation by world class clients for PrecisionMachinery, Terminal Parts through technical development for main equipment, and plenty of references.

Seoul Engineering with more than 25 years experiences specialized in manufacturing capacity as well asmany supply experiences which has been secured for Total Engineering ability that Seoul Engineering serves engineering services as per client’s needs.

The good combination of between engineering parts and manufacturing parts has been able to keep quality on stable and prices competitiveness at the same time, and the solution capacity has been built up well regarding the diagnosis of problem for existing equipment, seeking for measures through plenty of engineering experiences.

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