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It takes a long time to form molten steel using only electric energy after charging scrap iron, so by spraying oxygen through a lance as an auxiliary heat source, the ferroalloy oxidizes to cause a temperature rise, and the time to form molten steel by secondary combustion of CO gas can be shortened.

Copper Panel

  • Cu (copper) 99.5% or more
  • Electrical conductivity 50% I.A.C.S or more
  • 1310mm x 780mm x 740mm
  • Approximately 273 kg

Electrode Holder

  • Cu (copper) 99.5% or more
  • Electrical conductivity 60% i.a.c.s or more
  • 1080mm x 690mm x 930mm
  • Approximately 462 kg

Burner Assembly

  • ø40 x ø90 x 600mm
  • about 11 kg

Burner Jacket

  • 730mm x 530mm x 380
  • about 60 kg

Burner sleeve

  • 830mm x 680mm x 430mm
  • about 34 kg

Carbon jacket

  • 640mm x 640mm x 530mm
  • approximately 180 kg